Health Care

Health Care

KUNCHAM Software Solutions serves Pharmaceutical, Life Sciences and Biotech companies, Healthcare Insurance and Managed Care providers, and Hospitals and Physicians. Our comprehensive solutions, based on our organizational strengths in Enterprise Architecture, Business Intelligence, Cloud Computing and Managed Services, deliver high business value to our clients.

Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences:

Our Pharmaceutical, Life Sciences and Biotech clients benefit from our extensive experience serving a wide range of clients, from the world's largest Pharmaceutical companies to growing Biotechnology firms. KUNCHAM Software Solutions brings domain knowledge of the drug and device research and development lifecycle, as well as the regulatory domains in which our clients operate, both in the US and Globally. We also bring significant experience in planning, designing, building, and maintaining technology solutions which support our clients internally across the lifecycle, from research through commercialization, as well as externally in communications with patients and healthcare professionals alike.

Healthcare Insurers:

KUNCHAM Software Solutions' knowledge of the business challenges faced by Healthcare Insurers, Managed Care Providers, and Benefits Managers serves our clients well as they navigate through the constantly shifting waters of healthcare benefits and claims. KUNCHAM Software Solutions' experience in member and customer service systems, claims management and adjudication, payment and remittance systems, and government payment solutions all work together to give our clients the widest possible options, from applications development and integration, to outsourced systems and solutions, to architecture and planning giving them flexibility in a changing market.

Healthcare Providers:

Nowhere is the need for thoughtful and flexible technology architecture, planning, and integration greater than in the Provider arena. With the changes in government policy, the pressures to achieve more measurable outcomes, and the accelerating evolution of new and necessary technology, Providers find themselves overwhelmed with technology integration and data management challenges. KUNCHAM Software Solutions's Provider solutions give them the ability to envision and execute on an Enterprise Architecture, tying together existing systems and solutions, with a vision for future state data and systems integration. Communication between clinical systems, in-patient and ambulatory systems, EHR/EMR, billing and reporting systems, as well as the need to connect with other clinics and networks, all create challenges that KUNCHAM Software Solutions's extensive architecture and integration experience can address.

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