Build your life more Profitably with less Investment and Make your future Bright & Luxury

Finlax is a product Launched by Kuncham

Kuncham is very proud to launch this product as a life time Achievement and Earning a product of KUNCHAM finlax


What is Finlax

  • Finlax is a golden opportunity for clients to earn more money @ Life time.
  • It’s a product which will be the source for getting Life time Incoming balance with less Investment.

How it Works

  • Finlax will get associate with Google.
  • Finlax has categorized the earnings into 2 ways.
    1.  YouTube
    2.  Website
  • Finlax will create one YouTube Channel & Website for every Client
  • We will gather the Information and prepare the Best Videos for YouTube Channel & Articles for Blog & Website.
  • In order start earnings we will upload the Videos on YouTube Channel & Post the Articles in Blog & Website.
  • This means you are allowing Advertise Partners to place ads in Videos, Blog & Website, based on ads revenue client will get earnings from Affliated Partners.


  • YouTube is one of the major earnings product of Google.
  • YouTube is the Best Video Source through out the World.


  • Website is also one of the Major Communication to the outside world we will turn that as a Earning Point.
  • Website is the Major product Identity for knowing our self through out the World.

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